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CNC Four Guideway Lathe (53”Bed)

SGE is a four-guideway lathe series. The tailstock, steady rests and the carriage are designed to sit on two separate pairs of guide ways which effectively limit the interference when the carriage passing by the tailstock. In addition, the carriage is able to move next to both headstock and tailstock so that increase the flexibility in tooling arrangements and clamping. Besides, it is not necessary to remove steady rests or unclamp work-piece from the chuck amid the process A to process B for without wasting any time. Moreover, the tailstock quill doesn’t need to overhang long to approach work-piece which is a plus to maintain the stiffness due to the longer overhang, the weaker quill stiffness. It is optional to equip with a second carriage either to do turning simultaneously, to have a milling station, or to have an individual boring carriage.

CNC Four Guideway Lathe (53”Bed)
CNC Giant Heavy Duty Lathe : 53
Description  \  Model SGE1500S SGE1500
Swing over bed 1500 mm
Swing over cross slide 1000 mm
Center height 750 mm
Bed of width 1350 mm
Distance between centers 3000 mm ~ 15000 mm
Spindle bore Ø150 mm Ø156 mm / Ø230 mm
Spindle nose A2-15 A2-11 / A2-15
Spindle speeds 1200 rpm 600 rpm / 400 rpm
Number of spindle speeds 3 4 / 4
Rapid travel X-axis: 6 m / min , Z-axis: 8 m / min
Max, x-axis travel 550 mm
Max, z-axis travel 3600 mm~15600 mm
X-axis ball screw Ø50 mm
Z-axis ball screw Ø80 mm
(* Z-axis transmission is by racks and dual pinions if DBC≧6M, or if there are two carriages)
Tailstock quill diameter Ø220 mm Ø290 mm
Tailstock quill taper MT#6 MT#7
Tailstock quill travel 250 mm
Controller FANUC 0i-TF            /           SIEMENS 828D
Spindle motor 37 kw 37 kw
X-axis servo motor 4.0 kw 4.85 kw
Z-axis servo motor 4.0 kw 4.85 kw
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