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Company Profile

Why is " MYDAY " ?

The company was named by founder Mr. SHU-HUANG CHEN, initial thought came from a vision of success which was linked to MYDAY machines could bring a great success to customers. MYDAY brightens your day!

The family business, founded in 1980, is now in it's 2th generation, with Mr. KOMIN CHEN working alongside with Mr. SHU-HUANG CHEN since 2011. Mr. KOMIN CHEN became the president of MYDAY in 2019, after 10 years work experiences in machine tool, equipping a variety of knowledge in engineering solutions and analysis, new president was ready to lead MYDAY into a new era.

MYDAY located in Taichung, the most important city of machine tool industry with strong linkage in supply chain in this area is able to accelerate production process. The company’s 6,000-square-meter facility extensively used the latest lean manufacturing methods. Today, MYDAY produces heavy duty precision lathe, oil country lathe, CNC heavy duty precision lathe, CNC screw miller and specialized lathe. MYDAY is always a reliable project solution provider.