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PMC (Powerful Myday Chuck)

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Powerful Myday Chuck

Powerful Myday Chuck Specifications
Description/Model PMC-9 PMC-10 PMC-12 PMC-14 PMC-21
Spindle bore Ø230mm (9”) Ø260mm (10”) Ø310mm (12”) Ø360mm (14”) Ø535mm (21”)
Spindle nose A2-15 A2-15 A2-20 A2-20 A2-28
Spindle speeds (4 Steps) 4-600 4-540 3-400 3-360 2-300
Swing over bed 1200 mm
Swing over cross slide 740 mm
Bed width 800mm (32”)
Spindle motor 30KW 37KW
Cutting speed X-axis : 0~5 m/min , Z-axis : 0~5 m/min
Max, x-axis travel 600mm
Max, z-axis travel 1500 mm
Ball screw X: Ø50xP10; Z: Ø80xP10
Controller FAGOR 8055i FANUC 0i-TD SIEMENS 828D
X-axis servo motor FKM 66 α22i 1FK7101
Servo motor output ※ 4.9 KW 4.0 KW 4.8 KW
Z-axis servo motor FKM 66 α22i 1FK7101
Servo motor output ※ 4.9 KW 4.0 KW 4.8 KW
Coolant pump motor 1HP
※ Our design enhances output torque

Controller: FANUC, FAGOR or SIEMENS 3-Jaw Chuck
AC spindle motor 4-Jaw Chuck
Auto lubrication system Hydraulic Chuck (front chuck only)
Coolant system Pneumatic Chuck
Spindle Oil Chiller Double Chuck System
Electric Cabinet Air Conditioner Hydraulic 4-way Toolpost
Splash guard Servo H6 Turret
Work light Servo H8 Turret
Leveling bolts & pads  
Chip conveyor  

Specifications are subject to change without notice for further design improvement.

Workpiece Sample

  Image of Workpiece Sample  
  Image of Workpiece Sample  


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